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TFC hold wine party to thanks for listing on Shenzhen Stock Exchage successfully in Shenzhen City

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    In the evening of 16 Feb 2015, Suzhou TFC Optical Communication Co., Ltd(TFC be called for short after) was holding wine party to thanks for listing on Shenzhen Stock Exchange at Shangrila Hotel Futian District Shenzhen City, thanks for always supporting of client and friends in fiber optic communication field. Near 100 guests who came from Suzhou City Goverment, Gaoan City Goverment and Optic Fiber Communication field were visiting at scene, witnessed such so excited moment.

  TFC was listed in GEM on 17 Feb 2015, Stock called "Tianfutongxin", stock Code is 300394, this time the public offering of shares is 18.59 million, include IPO of 15.24 million and Old stock transfer of 3.35 million. TFC is a advanced manufacturer of precise parts for Optic Network connecting in this field, mainly commit to Research and Desigh optic passive components, high precise manufacture and marketing business. The products mainly have Ceramic Sleeves, Optic Adapter and OSA Receptacle, which be used for connecting fiber optic on flexible between optic communication network and facility. This time TFC net proceeds will plan to enlarge optic passive components manufacture and upgrade constrution project and R&D center project, invested total 286 million RMB. This equity investment will promote company competition, help to enlarge Market Share.


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