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Hear heart voice promote development, Deputy Mayor Mr.Zhou weiqiang visit leading talent project

Time:2011-08-29 From:admin Hits: 4011

  In the afternoon 13th October 2011, Suzhou Deputy Mayor Mr.Zhou weiqiang continue to visit district leading talent project with Science Bureau, Finance Bureau and Human Resource Bureau, inspected Huaxinwei and aisuo and TFC 3 enterprises. District leader Mr. Niu yueming accompany for visit.

  Suzhou TFC precise ceramic co.,Ltd which located at Zhongxinlongyuan Park Fengqiao Town, established on 2005, Committed to R&D, produce and market the passive components in optic communication field. Company annual turnover near to hundreds million, the company leader Mr.Zhu Guodong and Mr. Zou zhinong won the 2009 district-level leading talent program support, at present, the company developed the project has received two high-tech products in Jiangsu Province, 1 applications for invention patents, 5 utility model patents, Ministry of Science, "Science and Technology innovation Fund" and in Jiangsu Province "technology innovation Fund" project.
  In the visit, Zhou Weiqiang affirmed three business achievements. He pointed out that these company's products have broad market prospects, hope that all enterprises to seize the opportunity to continue the good development . Mr. Zhou Weiqiang also said that the rate of the region to the relevant departments, is to make good listen to the voices of enterprises, enterprises have difficulties, high-tech zones will help enterprises solve, the department will also continue to be highly efficient services to help businesses develop, jointly boost regional economic development.



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