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OFC2024 Successfully Concludes | TFC Communication Supports Photonics Integration

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The 49th Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC2024), as a grand event in the global optical communication industry, concluded successfully at the San Diego Convention Center in California, USA from March 26th to 28th, 2024. At this highly anticipated event, TFC Communication ("TFC"), a leader in overall solutions for optical devices and advanced optical packaging manufacturing services, participated with great enthusiasm under the theme of "Enabling Photonics Integration", showcasing its industry-leading strength and style.

Having long been dedicated to technological innovation in the field of optical communication, TFC focused particularly on showcasing application products tailored for artificial intelligence and data center applications, including 800G/1.6T optical module compatible application products such as Mux TOSA, Demux POSA, Lensed FAU, MT-FA, and other high-speed optical engine product series, as well as related component solutions. These displays fully demonstrated TFC's leading position in the field of advanced optical packaging and overall solutions for optical devices, attracting the attention of numerous customers. The professional team of TFC engaged in deep discussions with each customer with great enthusiasm and patience, creating a lively atmosphere at the event and achieving fruitful results.

Jimmy, the North American Marketing Manager of TFC, shared: "TFC, with its leading packaging and coupling technology platform in the industry, as well as comprehensive R&D and large-scale production capabilities for optical devices, enables us to provide customers with tailored, vertically integrated one-stop solutions for optical device products. Our product quality and performance have been highly praised by customers. Currently, we are seizing the opportunities presented by AI development, dedicating ourselves to improving the quality of products and services, accelerating product delivery speed, to meet customer expectations."

With the expansion of AI large models applications such as ChatGPT and Sora, especially with the launch of the NVIDIA Blackwell project, the iteration speed of large models has significantly increased, leading to a substantial increase in GPU communication traffic in AI training networks. This trend has driven the construction of computational network infrastructure, thereby promoting the rapid growth of the high-speed optical module market, further driving the continuous increase in demand for matching high-speed optical engine components.

Under the impetus of AI computing power, optical modules are accelerating towards 800G/1.6T network technology evolution. At this year's OFC exhibition, 800G/1.6T optical modules, as well as single-wave 200G optical chips, LPO, silicon photonics & CPO, thin-film lithium niobate, and other optical communication technologies, have become the focus. With the development of technology, 1.6T or even higher speed rate optical modules will become mainstream, and all of this is inseparable from the support of high-speed optical devices.

Facing the explosive growth of AI computing power and the urgent need for high throughput and large bandwidth in data centers, the performance requirements of optical engines continue to increase. Future products will develop towards high integration, low power consumption, and high reliability. As a leading enterprise in the subdivision industry, TFC has been deeply involved in the industry for nearly twenty years, focusing on the R&D and production of high-precision optical devices, with various technologies and innovation platforms such as wavelength division multiplexing coupling technology, FA fiber array design and manufacturing technology, TO-CAN/BOX packaging technology, and parallel optical design and manufacturing technology. With profound technical precipitation and accumulation in high-speed multi-channel product design, packaging technology, and technology, TFC provides customers with high-performance, one-stop overall solutions for optical devices through synergistic active and passive product lines and vertical integration of multiple product lines.

In the AI era, the iteration speed of optical networks is continuously accelerating. Therefore, only leading enterprises with significant advantages in R&D capabilities, scale advantages, supply chain integration, and production capacity layout can better grasp the golden opportunities for industry development. TFC has always actively promoted global industrial layout and capacity construction, continuously consolidating and expanding its competitive advantages. In 2023, the company officially started the construction of its Southeast Asian production base in Thailand, which is scheduled to be put into operation in 2024. Its main business is to provide efficient OEM services for optical engine-related products. The implementation of this initiative marks that TFC has formed a dual headquarters base with Suzhou and Singapore as the core, as well as multiple research and development centers in Suzhou, Shenzhen, Japan, the United States, and large-scale production bases in Jiangxi, Shenzhen, Suzhou, and Thailand, forming a meshed three-dimensional layout. Such a layout not only helps support globalized products and high-quality delivery but also helps TFC become a globally competitive optical device enterprise, leading the trend of industry development.


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