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Suzhou TFC Optical Communication completes acquisition of Auxora

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Suzhou TFC Optical Communication completes acquisition of Auxora, a Leader in Optical Coating and Optical Components.  

·         Synergies and vertical integrated products in optical thin film coating, and passive optical devices

·         Strengthens and broadens R&D capabilities, scalable manufacturing capabilities, and product portfolio

·         Expected to accelerate the US and EMEA market development

Suzhou TFC Optical Communication (Shenzhen GEM: 300394) ("TFC"), a global leader in optical sub-assembly and optical devices, today successfully completed the acquisition of Auxora 100% equity on August 5th, 2020. Auxora is part of TFC Group from now on. Under the term of the acquisition agreement, Auxora shareholders will receive $14.2M in cash.

"Auxora has profound technological accumulation in optical coating, optical cold processing and WDM devices and etc. Auxora is famous for its high-end coating technology and LWDM coating products have been large-scale supplied for many years. Its micro-optics components like filter block is the core passive component for CFP, QSFP and QSFP transceivers. It matches TFC’s innovation path of high speed optical engine development and also brings us the potential business opportunities in biomedical, LIDAR and other related fields. " Said Lucy Ou, General Manager of TFC.

"Auxora has a lot in common with TFC in business philosophy. We both put customers first and highlight product quality and our products are complimentary. Auxora is experienced in high-end optical coating, design and assembly of precise optical devices and transceivers, which perfectly matches TFC’s blueprint on high-end optical components. We can foresee Auxora will bring new profit generator to the Group after the acquisition." Jinghui Li, General Manager of Auxora remarked.

About Suzhou TFC Optical Communication Co.Ltd

Suzhou TFC Optical Communication Co.,Ltd  (Shenzhen GEM: 300394)("TFC") is a global leader in vertical integrated optical device manufacturing and service provider. TFC’s products are widely used in telecom, datacom and internet of things, etc.

TFC was founded in Suzhou in 2005 and got listed on China stock market in 2015, stock code: 300394. Over the past 15 years, TFC has built proprietary technologies in processing materials like ceramic, plastic, metal and glass, which develop several technology and innovation platforms, including AWG based Mux/Demux packaging, Fiber Array, Optical Engine, TOSA/ROSA Packaging, Plastic lens array, Optical Coating, Precise Molding Design and Manufacturing, Metal CNC machining, Ceramic Material Forming and Sintering.

About Auxora, Inc.

Auxora is a leading, vertically integrated manufacturer of optical thin film coatings and optical components. It was founded in Los Angeles in January, 2000. Auxora started China manufacturing in Shenzhen facility in 2003. In 2006, Auxora acquired Confluent Photonics with its product line of proprietary bulk grating based DWDM products, and their application in the CATV/MSO market.

Auxora has developed comprehensive technical platforms, including optical thin film filter coating designs and manufacturing processes, post coating pre-process treatment of the optical glass, micro optical simulation and beam tracing, free space high density assembly, auto and semi-auto component assembly and testing, high precision mechanical design and stress analysis, etc. Based on these engineering platforms, Auxora offers optical products among its four product lines: Coating, filters, prisms and other precision optical parts, passive optical components.

Since year 2000, Auxora has been serving the world-wide customers in various markets, such as data centers, telecomm, datacomm, CATV, Bio-Photonics, High power laser mirrors, Advanced optics for automobiles.


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