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TFC Suzhou was awarded "Jiangsu Province Science Middle & Small Enterprise"

Time:2011-10-12 From:admin Hits: 3935

  Noticed from the Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of SMEs issued <The notice on the list published the 4th SME Jiangsu Province>, the Suzhou TFC Precision Ceramics Co., Ltd. (Now: Suzhou TFC Optical Communication Co., Ltd.) was awarded Jiangsu provincial SME title.
  Jiangsu Province is the focus of SME to promote transformation and upgrading of the province's small and medium enterprises, promoting SME accelerate the development, according to "Jiangsu SME accreditation recommendation (Trial)" conducted a selection, the selection of is emerging industries, high-tech industries, knowledge-oriented industries, environmental protection and energy industry and other provinces priority to the development of the Industrial enterprises, these enterprises science and technology management system, independent innovation ability, high technological content, good market prospects.
  In the future, Suzhou TFC will further increase investment in research, and enhance the ability of technological innovation, improve innovation mechanisms, and improve their market competitiveness and influence, as the province's small and medium enterprises to upgrade and healthy and rapid development and make greater contribution.


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