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TFC Suzhou was awarded Torch Project by designed New interface receptacle for fiber optic

Time:2011-11-24 From:admin Hits: 4251

  Recently, TFC Suzhou Optical Communication Co., Ltd. (Original:Suzhou TFC Precision Ceramics Co., Ltd.)  declared "new optical interface receptacle" (item No. 2011GH010362) has obtained the approval of the Ministry of Science, was listed as 2011 National Torch Plan project.
  Torch Program is the development of China's high-tech industry a guidance plan, which is based on global market demand as a guide to the development of high-tech products, the formation of industry as the goal, merit-based selection and organization of high-tech industrialization project to implemente. The plan to declare the project have very high level requirement for the innovative and advanced ability, market prospects, technological maturity and  formed scale after production on launch, technological level and technological content of selected projects must be in the leading position, for technological advances the industry can play a significant role in whole industry.
  National torch project approval, is a affirmation of strength of independent innovation, research and development capabilities, the ability to take the lead, and many other aspects. TFC Suzhou will take this as an opportunity to continue to increase investment in research to develop more innovative, high-tech, with independent intellectual property rights, the development of the industry have a greater role for coming out new products.


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