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TFC Suzhou was recognized as "Enterprise Technology Center"

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  On October 2012, audit by Suzhou Trade Information Commitee, Develop and Reform Commitee and Scientific Bureau, according to <Municipal Technology Center Identified Management>, TFC Suzhou was regarded as a number of 16th Municipal Technology Center in Suzhou.
  It has a strict standard for certification by Enterprise Technology Center, must have a obvious competitive and scale advantages among this industry or the same field, be a pioneer by comprehensive economic technical index and technological development capability, product technology and high added value or the application of new technologies, or have a noble achievements that transform traditional industries to adopt new technology, with good economic and social benefits;  and these enterprises must emphasis on technological innovation, with a strong sense of innovation and market awareness, with a perfect business innovation strategy, implementation plans and IP management capabilities for enterprises construction and operation of technology centers to provide good conditions and other factors.



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