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OFC 2018 : A successful show for TFC

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As a major event in the optical communication industry, the 43th Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition(OFC) opens in the early spring on Mar. 11th to 15th at San Diego Convention Center in USA. Suzhou TFC Communication Co.,Ltd(TFC), the industry-leading solution provider for optical connective precision components, showcased with special booth for the first time and attracts much attention. Visitors come in an endless stream in front of its booth for consultation and communication; so to speak, it must be a fruitful exhibition for TFC.

2018 OFC Exhibition Scene

TFC Booth Show

To closely meet customers’ demands and solve their professional technical problems, TFC sends a powerful team of ‘handsome guys’ and main product line leads are all present at booth to have face-to-face communication with customers.

New products attract visitors to halt for consultation and product line leads are explaining to them patiently

Since all of our technical leads have multinational company experience, wherever the customer comes from, U.S.A, Europe or Japan, our reception team can directly exchange with them in their native languages, this is the ‘soft power’ of TFC.

Journalists from industry renowned media ICCSZ and CFOL are visiting and reporting, which adds some ‘spring charm’ to our Booth! Thanks for the attention and support of media friends!

Relevant media reports:

1.Exclusive Interview Of TFC Communication In OFC: Major Series Of Products Elaborately Showcased With Its First Time Special Booth, Offering Intimate “One-Stop Service”.

2.CFOL Live Comment On TFC Communication: Integrating Resources To Provide One-Stop Solution For Optical Module Customers  

CFOL Live Comment On TFC Communication: Integrating Resources To Provide One-Stop Solution For Optical Module Customers

Product Features

9 Major Series Of Products To Realize One-Stop Solution For Optical Communication Precision Components

40G/100G/200G High Speed Optical Module AOC Solution and Data Center Access Network High Density Connection Products and Solution Presentation

Customized High Speed New Products and Solutions

   (1)MT-45 degree FA/4*TO38 Application : QSFP28 PSM4 500m

  (2)MT-LENS Application: QSFP28 SR4 100m

  (3)Receptacle-MUX(FA)-4*Ferrule Application :QSFP28 CWDM4 2KM

  (4)Receptacle-lens-BOX Application: QSFP28 CWDM4 2KM/LR4 10KM

OSA OEM Products Demonstrates Advantages of Vertical Integration

Suzhou TFC Optical Communication Co., Ltd (TFC), established in 2005, is a leading high precision fiber optical network connective component solution provider. As a national high-tech enterprise, TFC integrates R&D, production and marketing of the products, which are widely used in telecom communication, data communication and internet of things and etc. and to a large extent determine the stability of data transmission in optical network. In February 2015, TFC got successfully listed in Shenzhen GEM (stock code: 300394).



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