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【2019OFC】TFC Communication sincerely invites you to visit our booth#5027

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Distinguished Customers and Friends:

Thanks for your long-term concern and support!

As OFC 2019 is approaching, TFC Communication sincerely invites you to visit our exhibition stand 5027. At the exhibition, we will present our latest precise optical components, devices and solutions. Looking forward to your arrival!

Exhibition Date: 5-7 March

Address:  San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA

Booth Number: 5027

Any suggestions and experience from you would be highly appreciated. Without your help and guidance, it's impossible for us to grow and develop so fast! In this New Year, let's run towards our dreams together!

                                                                                      Suzhou TFC Optical Communication Co.,Ltd


Seven Solutions 七大解决方案

Nine Product Series 九大产品系列

Eight Technology Platforms 八大技术平台

TFC has accumulated many global leading technologies in the field of ceramic, plastic, metal, glass and other basic material and has formed eight technological platforms, i.e. Mux/Demux Coupling and Manufacture Technology, Fiber Array Design and Manufacture Technology, BOX Packaging and Manufacture Technology, Parallel Optics Design and Manufacture Technology, Optical Components Coating Technology, Nanoscale Precise Mould Design and Manufacture Technology, Metal Material Micron Level Manufacture Technology, Ceramic Material Forming and Sintering Technology, so as to provide vertically integrated one stop solution and continues to create new value for its customers.


 TFC Enterprise Profile

Suzhou TFC Optical Communication Co.,Ltd (TFC Communication) is an leading integrated solution provider of high-grade passive optical devices and packaging OEM manufacturer of high speed optical devices. TFC’s products are widely used in telecom communication, data center and internet of things and etc. and to a large extent determine the stability of data transmission in optical network.


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