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High Speed BOX Packaging

High Speed Hermetic BOX Packaging Technology and Platform


① Ability in High Precision Die Bonding

② Ability in High Density and Precision Gold Wire Bonding

③ Ability in High Resolution 3D Visual Image Automatic Coupling

④ Ability in Design and Manufacture for Parallel optics Product

⑤ Ability in Assembly of Free Space Isolator and Bonding with Receptacle

High Speed Hermetic BOX Packaging Technology and Platform

Solution Advantages

  • TFC Ability in Design and Assembly for High Precesion Receptacle;
  • TFC Ability in Design of All Kinds of Free Space Isolators and Isolator Core;
  • TFC Ability in Optical Simulation and Anaysis,Can Provide All Kinds of Customized Receptacle with Lens;
  • TFC Ability in High Precesion and Stable Gold Wire Bonding for AWG/TFF BOX Packaging.

Receptacle With A-LENS

Receptacle With B-LENS

Receptacle With C-LENS

Receptacle With Isolator

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